Hi! I'm

Mayank Sharma.

A hands-on product designer  
and leader specialising
in Web3 applications.

Side projects

Web3 Design Patterns

A curated library of well-executed design patterns from real Web3 products.

Web3 Landing pages

Looking for inspiration for designing your Web3 landing page? Look no further than this comprehensive collection of landing pages.

What colleagues have said

Truly one of the best designers I've worked with, reason why I joined him on a subsequent venture..

Knowing he'd be the Head of Design was a key factor, and it reaffirmed the collaborative and positive relationship we share.

What set Mayank apart was his collaborative spirit.

He worked tirelessly with us, the development team, actively seeking and incorporating feedback to refine the product

I can't recommend Mayank enough - he has been one of the best designers I have worked with and would work with him again a blink of an eye.

Some would call Mayank a "jack of all trades" when it comes to product and design, but i think that wouldnt do him justice.

Mayank seems to have endless stamina, he comes prepared to every meeting and he has an immense focus on the task at hand, but never looses sight of the bigger picture.

Mayank is a brilliant product designer that takes an holistic and customer centric perspective.

For who reads this: if you need product market fit, Mayank is the person to talk to.

Next to the hard skills that Mayank brings, he is also a wonderful person to work with, kind hearted, driven towards success. Hope to work together soon again!

His dedication and skill in balancing aesthetic appeal with functional excellence set a high standard for the team.

Mayank's contributions were invaluable, and his collaborative spirit made him an indispensable asset to our team.

Mayank's unique blend of design acumen and customer-centric approach significantly contributed to driving the product forward.

Mayank is an asset to any Product organisation.

He goes above and beyond Product Design also thinking with the mind of a Product Manager and leveraging best practices in User Research to unearth real customer problems that need solving.

He is not afraid to question things and ensure we are delivering the best value possible for the customer